Find Your SRN in 3 Quick Steps

If you are unable to locate your Shareholder Reference Number (SRN), One Off Trades can help you obtain it by conducting an electronic search.


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Why do I need my SRN?

In order to sell your shares you must provide your SRN for each of the holdings you wish to sell. An SRN is an unique identification number which is assigned to all shareholdings. 

How to find your SRN?

Normally you can find your SRN on your most recent holding statement, dividend statement, or share certificate.

One Off Trades provides shareholders with a quick and easy way to retrieve lost or misplaced Security Reference Numbers. 

The fee for this service is $40 per search. 

Please note that SRN searches are only successful if you provide an exact match for the shareholder name and address registered to the holdings. There are no refunds for failed SRN searches.

  • Please provide the registered details of the holding (as per holding or dividend statement):

  • Note: Please ensure to submit your full name, including salutation and middle names (e.g. Mr John Henry Smith). Failure to do so may result in delays or failed searches.

  • Enter the name of your security / stock and select from the list that appears. If you cannot locate your Stock Name or Stock Code, please contact us directly via Live Support Service.
  • Price: $ 40.00